Bavly Kost, Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Care Practitioner, and Provisional CASC supervisor at Ubuntu Psychotherapy in Markham

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Bavly Kost, Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Care Practitioner, and Provisional CASC supervisor at Ubuntu Psychotherapy in Markham

At Ubuntu Psychotherapy and Wellness, Clinical Supervision is provided by Bavly Kost, who is a recognized supervisor with the CRPO and has over 12, 000 hours of clinical experience as well as two years experience as a Clinical Supervisor of Interns, Registered Psychotherapists, and other Mental Health professionals.

For those looking to obtain hours for the CRPO here is some information for you to be aware of:

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) requires that Qualifying Psychotherapists obtain a minimum of 1 hour of clinical supervision for every 4 to 5 hours of direct client contact hours. Once registered with the CRPO as a Registered Psychotherapist (RP), the CRPO requires that RP’s obtain 1 hour of clinical supervision for every 10 direct client contact hours until 1000 client contact hours have been reached. At least 50% of these hours must be obtained in individual or dyadic format.

“Registered Psychotherapists will not be permitted to practice independently, i.e. without clinical supervision, until they have completed 1000 direct client contact hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision over the course of their professional careers. This limitation applies to all Members and will remain in effect until the Member satisfies the College that s/he has completed the required hours….Applicants applying through other registration routes must complete at least 50 per cent of their clinical supervision hours in an individual or dyadic format. The remaining 50 per cent may be group supervision.” Source: CRPO Registration Guide

Bavly Kost is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. He is a member of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care and the Ontario College of Teachers. He currently works full-time in the healthcare field supporting clients with mental health and other medical issues and supervises entry-to-practice interns completing their master’s level education in counseling.

Before becoming a therapist, Bavly trained to become a high school teacher. After completing his Bachelor of Education, he pursued a master’s in theology with a focus on philosophy and understanding the nature of God. After he completed his master’s degree, he began to pursue his second master’s in clinical counseling focusing on spiritual care and psychotherapy completing his clinical training in a hospital setting. He has been working in the field for over 7 years counseling clients with a wide range of mental health and medical issues.

Outside of his work at the bedside, and supervising interns and Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying), he loves to read and pursue research work to advance the field of Psychotherapy. Some of his most recent search articles include: Clinical Wisdom in Evidence-Based Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy: What Is It?, The Role of Medicine and Spiritual Care in Combating Loneliness, The Renewal of Coptic Theology: The Integration of Community in the Coptic Diaspora, Entering a Different World: Understanding What Sustains, Supports, and Connects the Spiritual Resources of Those Living With Dementia, in a Multi-Cultural Context and his forthcoming chapter will be entitled: The Integration of Logotherapy: Hope and Meaning in the Context of Suffering.

Bavly specializes in a wide range of modalities including solution-focused, humanistic therapies (gestalt, existential, person-centered), logotherapy, Rogerian, narrative, CBT, DBT, spiritually integrated psychotherapy, self-psychology, mindfulness, and relational psychotherapy. Bavly has an active practice where he works with individuals and is interested in adults struggling with a broad spectrum of concerns including relational conflicts, issues of self, anxiety, depression, and recovery from trauma and abuse. He works from a developmental, relational, self, and experiential perspective and uses theoretical and practice grounded techniques.

Bavly enjoys supervising interns and qualifying Registered Psychotherapists looking to gain hours to become independent practitioners with CRPO. Before becoming a supervisor, he completed a 30-hour supervisory course entitled: Practical Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists: A self and Relational Approach. He has also completed over 900 hours of supervised practical education, where another supervisor supervised his work as he worked with 12 different interns in a calendar year. A four-dimensional (4D) clinical supervision paradigm that includes developmental, social role, competency, and process dimensions frames Bavly supervision and training.

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